Event Promotion

Are you looking out to capture a large number of leads and prospects in a limited time? Event is your answer. You may opt for event such as conferences, seminars, tradeshows and offer opportunities to capture effective customer intelligence information. Prospects will only attend and/or register for your event if it is well promoted. LPC Advisors believe that the aim should be high event participation through event promotion, not just event promotion. We work on multichannel platforms to successfully launch and promote your event. Information collected at events can be implemented through event technology to produce valuable intelligence which drives the sales and marketing departments to improve their demand generation results.

LPC Advisors not only helps in mere promotion, but we cater for all services from the invitation to nurturing including targeted audience listing, digital marketing for promotion, registration design & management, follow up reminders, lead capturing and finally nurturing.

This service provides secured registrations and additionally includes :

  • Pricing based on actual registrations, you pay just for results
  • Personal, live invitations by phone
  • Results reportable in real time
  • Requests for info consummated via email
  • Courtesy event reminder calls
  • Quick turn around – the ramp time to kick off a project is about two business days