Account Profiling

Being faced with multiple decision makers comes in inevitable with the business-to-business environment. This scenario ends up becoming like you having to go through a variety of stake-holders to get through one sale, which may take up even months. Sales are greatly affected through this period and account profiling comes in here to bridge this gap. Establishing a contact and setting appointments will only be useful if the meetings happen with relevant personnel. Account profiling at LPC Advisors helps you to connect with the correct and exact decision makers. We don’t stop here, we also provide you with a deeper understanding of your prospects and their requirements, allowing you to target and educate them better.

Pay for performance

We prioritize your profits, and hence you pay as per our performance and actionable outcomes.


We prioritize the key value accounts for you and hence add in extra filters from our end to confirm the same.


We use AI based automation to target relevant prospects as we consider relevance to be the only key factor to conversion.


We profile the accounts for your after thoroughly researching and garnering significance.

Shortened Sales Cycle

We help you save time by providing you with the prospects who have the higher edge for conversion.