Our Team

Priyam Srivastava,
CEO and Co-Founder

Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Having a Masters degree in Business Management, Priyam is the consummate sales and marketing executive, leading both the growth, techniques and practices of LPC Advisors. With over 11 years of experience of senior management through a series of high technology and b2b marketing firm, he has developed a new brand of demand generation that leverages technology, the human asset, and social media. After this wide span of experience in leading demand generation companies, Priyam decided to form LPC Advisors, where he can complement these practices with a higher sense of quality to the company, its people, its clients, and its community.

On a lighter side, Priyam with his wife and business partner, Harshita, he can be frequently heard philosophizing about the negative impact of corn on society, why we should all have a laying chicken in our backyard, or what flavor of beer to brew over the weekend.

Harshita Srivastava,

Client Management, Production and Operations

Best known for her client management and customer service work, Harshita has been managing inside sales/lead generation professionals for over 07 years. Harshita has adapted the operational techniques and methodologies that allow LPC Advisors to excel in the area of pay-for- performance demand gen. Harshita is responsible for day to day production, operations, and client services.

In addition to handling strategic LPC Advisors accounts, Harshita is also responsible for leading our team in exceeding client expectations and meeting corporate business goals. As a personal hobby, she pores through books all year long.